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EFX Group


Our company makes a lot of International calls. When I contacted initially Nextiva, we were paying $1600/month for six phone lines, long distance, no voicemail, and a slow internet connection. After switching, we now have ten phones, an automated attendant, a dedicated T-1 for internet, twice as many employees, and our monthly cost is still $500 less than before. The call quality is great, everyone has their own voicemail, customers love how easy it is to access their reps, we couldn’t be happier.

Jon Floyd, CEO
EFX Group


I run five companies out of one office. We have twenty-five associates spread across Europe and the US handling issues for six hundred very active clients. I needed a flexible system that was powerful and affordable. Nextiva presented us with a solution that fit our needs exactly. Now my employees are just an extension away. The Nextiva Connect 360 system that we use makes our entire company seem like it is in one place, so our customers can reach us easily, and our potential customers get the right impression.

Chris Phillips, CEO


OpenHouseDog. LLC


Being a "One Man Show" is no easy task. I love my Nextiva inTALK. Now I never miss a call. I can’t say enough about these guys and the product they have.

Brandon Boldrini
OpenHouseDog. LLC